“I truly enjoyed the songs. You’ve created a mood and emotion on each one that has its own world. Very impressive songwriting!”

–David Campbell, Grammy and Oscar winning Producer and arranger


“Jon Statham serves up honesty and emotion in both his songs and performances. He’s a talented, authentic artist—and I’m fan.”

Jason Blume, Hit Songwriter/Author/Songwriting Instructor for BMI and NSAI


“…a flawless deliverance… songs with the sincerity of Bob Dylan and tenderness of James Taylor…”

-Music Connection magazine


“Jon Statham is not only a truly expressive and nuanced vocalist, he is a writer of original music that is full of colorful imagery.

On his new CD “Brave Heart” the song “Make My Way Inside” is downright spooky and ominous. “In The Same Room” comes off as an ode to psychological freedom, and the uplifting “I Believe In You” features the full range of his voice.

Jon is a musician with great talent and versatility. Listen to what he does next.”

-Carl King, author of “So you’re a Creative Genius, Now What?”


Where Statham really shines is his voice, stimulating the listener through mature ranges, rich tone and stable vibratos. Emotion easily communicates as he delivers his set almost entirely with his eyes closed and ends each song accepting applause with a warm smile and slight nod. There’s nothing invasive about his style yet it’s not background fluff, either.

-Music Connection magazine


“My friends and I who have worked with Jon refer to him as The Man With a Thousand Voices. In the way that Jim Carrey can stretch his face into any shape, Jon can stretch his voice to express any pitch and tone imaginable. And he’s not only a truly expressive and nuanced vocalist — he’s a consummate professional who is committed to quality work.”

-Carl King, author of “So, you’re a Creative Genius, Now What?”