“Jon is a true effortless master of song. On the stage or in the studio, there is no one I have enjoyed making music with more.”

-Mel Nelson, Musician, Producer


“Jon Statham serves up honesty and emotion in both his songs and performances. He’s a talented, authentic artist—and I’m fan.”

-Jason Blume, Hit Songwriter/Author/Songwriter & Instructor for BMI and NSAI


“I don’t know where to begin. He has taken one of my compositions and turned it into a classic. If you want a professional, creative, master’s touch and the best rendition your song could possibly have, then you must trust your writing to Jon.  After hearing what he did to my first song, I am planning 3 more as soon as possible.

“The studio “musicians” who did the first versions of my songs cost less than you and it showed! I would pay anything to have you involved with my music!  I will always insist that you produce anything I do in the future.  You are my producer and I consider you a living musical genius.

“I am so proud of all your work.  Each song you do for me gets better and better and Waterfalls is my current favorite from you. I wrote it 40 years ago and you make it fresh as yesterday.

“You have an outstanding voice! This is phenomenal -you have me totally motivated to continue!

“I love your talents and all the best to you who are the best!”

John Arthur Foster, songwriter


“Jon Statham has been my Music Producer for the last 2 years and he has taken my music/songs to the level of great recognition with his great vocals, musical talents and professionalism.

“In order to even compete in the music world the best is not only required but demanded. Jon Statham has produced 10 highly competitive demos for me and I now compete with the best.”

-Josephcat, songwriter


“Jon Statham is a rare singer. He can be described as an “actor of the voice” who can play the part of a wide variety of singers in a wide variety of styles. Also, he is extremely reliable and easy to work with. I have worked with Jon for years, and heard him sing on a wide variety of projects. Whatever your vocal talent needs, Jon delivers. Highly recommended.”

Jon Broderick, CEO Guitar Tricks Inc.


“Been writing music and having Jon produce it for almost two years now. He is accomplished on guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards–very talented. His vocal range is spectacular, broad, great skill in harmonies. Most people would be happy with just that, but Jon also has a very unique creativity in terms of arranging songs. He is able to identify the spirit of a song and bring it out in the instrumentation and pace of the arrangement.

As someone who enjoys listening to music, Jon is also a talented singer/songwriter whose works are as good or better than established stars. The world will one day discover Jon’s music, and until then his body of work is a true diamond in the rough.”

-Mick of Mick and the Big Dawg Patriots


“The living definition of Affinity, Reality and Communication is what you have strived to achieve in this work. Nobody living understands more of what I intend by these songs than you do, and this is my life’s work.”

–Tony Baker, songwriter