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We work with songwriters that simply may not sing. But by building your songs from a rough demo we can give you a Fully Produced Song.

If you are the vocalist – NO PROBLEM. We will build all the instrument tracks and send you the music bed to sing over where ever you are in the world. You record your vocals in the city you’re in and send us the vocal track to mix in. Simple. Working with artists from all over we provide world class service and music that your fans will love!


“Been writing music and having Jon produce it for almost two years now. He is accomplished on guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards–very talented. His vocal range is spectacular, broad, great skill in harmonies. Most people would be happy with just that, but Jon also has a very unique creativity in terms of arranging songs. He is able to identify the spirit of a song and bring it out in the instrumentation and pace of the arrangement.
As someone who enjoys listening to music, Jon is also a talented singer/songwriter whose works are as good or better than established stars. The world will one day discover Jon’s music, and until then his body of work is a true diamond in the rough.”

 -Mick of Mick and the Big Dawg Patriots


Goodness, this one is perfect. It really made to day to hear this demo. It’s fantastic. I love it so. You are so very talented, and I’m soooo happy I found you to help bring my little songs to life. You take my ideas and make them into art. Thank you!”

-Jason Spraggins, songwriter


“Nobody living understands more of what I intend by these songs than you do, and this is my life’s work.”

–Tony Baker, songwriter