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  • We have a Passion for Nurturing Talent
    -Vocalists, Songwriters & Musicians



“Aside from the fact that Jon excels at everything music, there’s something he does that stands out the most to me – he’s like a David Campbell type of guy.

“He arranges things brilliantly. He arranges them in a way where you don’t just click “next” when you hear the chorus you want to hear; you listen to the whole song. You want to listen to the whole song. You’re interested in the whole thing.

That’s not easy to do and I’ve not met many people who can pull that off.”

-Dan York, Bass Player/Songwriter



“I have completed my first EP with Jon Statham. I’m only 14 so I’m fairly new to the music business and I had no idea who to call or where to go to make my dreams a reality.
I got in contact with Jon and I feel like that is one of the best things that has happened in my life. I am doing what I love to do all thanks to him.
I never would have thought it would be that much fun and sound that good. Jon has opened so many doors for me that wouldn’t even be an option without him. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.”

-Hope Rice, Artist, Songwriter

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